Rental Terms & Conditions

All rentals for 807 Timberfalls are made on these Terms & Conditions
Rental Term
1.           The term of the holiday rental shall be the periodcommencing at 3:30pm on the agreed rental start date and ending at 10:30am onthe agreed rental end date (“Term”).
Rental Deposit
2.           A rental deposit equivalent to 25% of the totalrental fee to secure the booking is due and payable immediately availability isconfirmed by the Owner.
Balance Due
3.           The remaining balance of the rental fee (“$balance”)and any cleaning fee are due and payable not later than two calendar months priorto the rental start date. If the booking is made less than two calendar monthsprior to the agreed rental start date the $balance and any cleaning fee is dueand payable immediately availability is confirmed by the Owner. If the $balanceand cleaning fee are not paid by the due date the Owner may regard the Guest ashaving cancelled.
Security Deposit
4.           A security deposit of $400 (“Security”) is due andpayable at the same time as the $balance. The Security will be returned by theOwner, less any amount deducted for damage, as promptly as is possible andnever later than two weeks after rental end date.
5.           If Guest cancels the rental at any time prior tothe commencement of the Term the following refund policy shall apply:
a.     An amount equal to the rental deposit shall be forfeited to the Owner;
b.     The Owner shallpromptly refund to the Guest the Security and any cleaning fee paid by the Guest;
c.     If the rental iscancelled more than three (3) calendar month prior to the start date of theTerm then the Owner shall refund to the Guest, in addition to the Security and anycleaning fee paid, the greater of:
                                   i.      50%of the $balance; and  
                                  ii.      somuch of the $balance as is made good by a new Guest to the extent that a new Guestis found to rent the cancelled period of the Term;
d.    Ifthe rental is cancelled 7 business days or less before the commencement of theTerm then the Guest will forfeit the $balance to the Owner. Guest receives arefund of the Security and any cleaning fee paid; and
e.    Ifthe rental is cancelled later than in (c) but earlier than in (d) to the extentthat a new renter is found to rent the cancelled period of the Term the Ownershall refund to the Guest in addition to the Security and any cleaning fee paidthe amount of the $balance as is made good by the new renter to the extent thata new renter is found to rent the cancelled period of the Term, less 20%.
6.            The Owner will provide water, heat, sewer,electricity, basic TV cable.  The Guestis responsible for all other services. The Guest acknowledges that there is nophone service in the Premises and all calls are to be arranged through the Guestat Guest’s sole expense.
7.            Neither pets nor smoking are allowed on the Premises.Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, and in addition to anyadditional remedies Owner might pursue, if the Guest violates either of theserestrictions the Guest shall forfeit the entire Security and pay an additionalcleaning fee.
Other Provisions
8.            In this Terms and Conditions “Guest’s associates”includes the Guest’s co-occupants, guests and visitors. Guest and Guest’sassociates must:
a.     observe all these Rental Terms and Conditions;
b.     keep & maintain the premises in good order, condition andappearance;
c.     conduct themselves in a manner which is not a nuisance, annoyance oroffensive to neighbors;
d.     keep the Premises clean and free of trash, garbage, and other waste; and
e.     keep all pipes, wires, glass, plumbing and other equipment and fixturesin the same condition as at the beginning of the Term, with reasonable wear andtear and damage by unavoidable fire and casualty the only exceptions.
9.            Guest and Guest’s associates must not cause orpermit:
a.     the Premises to be occupied at any time by more than 6 persons -children included in this number;
b.     the parting with possession, subletting or assigning the rental of allor part of the Premises;
c.     copies of keys to the Premises to be made;
d.     disclosure of the Lock-box code to persons other than co-occupants;
e.     change of the Lock-box code;
f.      painting or alterations to Premises;
g.     change of existing locks or addition of new ones;
h.     creation of any unsafe environment in or near the Premises; or
i.      violation of any Federal, State or County law or ordinance relating touse of, or conduct upon, the Premises.
10.         The Owner shall have the right (without prejudiceto any other right or remedy) to summarily terminate the rental, deny the Guestand the Guest’s associates occupancy and have and take possession of thePremises to the exclusion of them if, on or about the Premises, the Guest orany of the Guest’s associates:
a.     use prohibited drugs or substances or allows others to use the same onthe Premises;
b.     disturbs, annoys, endangers, or inconveniences neighbors; or
c.     uses Premises for any immoral or unlawful purposes
11.         Owner is not liable for any injury,loss of property, damages (including consequential damages), other loss, costor expense arising out of or in connection with the use of the Premises or itscontents (“contents” includes fixtures, fittings, furnishings, appliances,equipment and other things inside) by the Guest or the Guest’s associates orfor the unavailability or breakdown of any services or contents for anyinability to be able to use any service or contents for any reason or purposewhatever.  In any event owner’s maximumliability for all damages, losses and causes of action, whether in contract,tort or otherwise, shall not exceed in aggregate the rental fee.
12.         Guest indemnifies and saves Owner harmless from allliability, damages, (including inconsequential) other loss, costs and expensesarising in connection with the Guest’s and/or Guest’s associates’ use of, orconduct upon or near, the Premises and/or contents including from any lossdamage or harm made or suffered on or near the Premises by the Guest or the Guest’sassociates or arising from any act, carelessness, neglect, or improper conductof any persons entering, occupying or visiting the Premises.
13.         Guest assumes full responsibility for the conductof, and the fulfillment of these Terms & Conditions by, each and all the Guest’sassociates.
14.         Upon 24 hours notice (except in the case of anemergency), Guest shall make the Premises available to Owner for entry to makenecessary or convenient inspection or repairs and to show the Premises toprospective tenants. In an emergency Owner may enter the Premises at any timewithout prior notice or securing prior permission from Guest.
Abandoned Property
15.         When Guest vacates the Premises Owner may atOwner’s option terminate the rental, enter the Premises and remove and destroyor otherwise dispose of all property left in the Premises by the Guest or the Guest’sassociates.
16.         In the event that any action shall be commenced byeither party arising out of or in connection with the rental or any right orobligation derived there from, the prevailing party shall be entitled toreceive costs and attorney's fees as fixed by the Court in addition to allrelief at law or equity.
Owner &Representative            
17.         Owner means the legal owner of the condominium and allrights and remedies vested in the Owner may be exercised by the Owner or theOwner’s representative or nominee.
The rental shall be governed by the Laws of theState of Colorado.  Any action brought inconnection with the rental must be brought in Eagle County, Colorado.
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