1.            A rental deposit equivalent to 25% of the totalrental fee is due and payable to secure the booking and is to be paidimmediately availability is confirmed.
Balance Due
2.            The remaining balance of the rental fee and anycleaning fee are due and must be paid not laterthan one calendar month prior to the rental start date. If the booking is madeless than one calendar month prior to the agreed rental start date the whole ofthe rental is payable in full on confirmation of availability.

3.           A security deposit of $400 (“Security”) isdue and payable on the same date as payment of the balance of the rental. TheSecurity will be returned by the Owner, less any amount deducted for damage, aspromptly as possible and never later than two weeks after rental end date.

Would you please note:
  • The availability calandar is updated when bookings are received.
  • Prompt payment of your deposit secures your booking.
  • Bookings are not secure until deposit is received. &
  • All bookings & rentals are suject to the Rental Terms & Conditions. Just click on
Rental Terms & Conditions
to read the Rental Terms & Conditions.
You are welcome to enquireabout availability by email to [email protected] and even if you receive an automated “Out ofOffice” reply I will receive your email on my laptop whilst I am travelling.
If you are in Australia would like to speak with me would you pleasetelephone the Sydney number (02) 8007 3778. The cost of telephoning from anywhere inAustralia me will be merely the call charge to Sydney land-line number. 
If you are in USA and would like tospeak with me would you please telephone the Vail CO number (970) 3064429. The cost (if any) of telephoningfrom anywhere in USA will be merely the call charge to a Vail CO. land-linenumber.
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